Should You Use WordPress?


Are you on the fence about using WordPress? 

You will find many arguments for and against WordPress.  It is time to get off the fence and take the plunge with WordPress.

Here is why:


The WordPress community is strong. There are countless communities, forums and websites dedicated to WordPress. In addition, you will find thousands  of  Wordpress videos on YouTube.  The Wordress official forum has  millions of  posts.


You can move your WordPress to any hosting provider you choose. If your site goes down, you can take your backed up copy and go to any new host. You will never be held hostage by a host or downtime.

Ease of Use 

Many people fear websites because they seem so hard to manage.  Wordpress was originally designed as a blogging platform and has expanded in the last 10 years. Once you get inside of WordPress, it is intuitive. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor makes it easy for most people to jump right in.

Low Cost 

WordPress is free and open source.  This means the platform itself costs zero dollars and zero cents. There was a time that a simple HTML website was a $10,000 investment. WordPress websites can be developed for a fraction of the cost by DIYers.  There are many free templates and DIY options.

Page Builders

Page Builders like Elementor, have made it even easier to create websites. With front end builders like Elementor, you can see what you are building!


WordPress has endless customizations options. The WordPress community has created a slew of themes and plugins. On top of this a little code changes the entire look of your site. You are not limited when it comes to WordPress. No other builder offers the flexibility.

Not Just a Blog

WordPress is the best blogging platform out there, but the days of it being just a blogging platform are LONG  gone.  Major companies, small and large alike use WordPress for all of their website needs.


WordPress is hands down one of the best CMS for Search Engine Optimization.  Wordpress does much of the work within its framework. Add a SEO plugin to boos your SEO.



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